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Is your company currently adjusting the way you operate? And if you are – do you feel you are able to stay in control of your software projects? Are you able to control risk and get your priorities right during times of change?

The insecurities are many. The need for data-driven insights greater than ever. Because with the right insights, you can also make the right priorities to secure and stabilize your software. This is where Quality Monitoring comes in. In summary, it is a service that lets you stay in control, even when your workforce is scattered over a multitude of locations.

Combining the power of AI with human expertise, Quality Monitoring is a unifying concept for a number of different software monitoring services. This is the best and most cost-efficient way to keep track of the progress of your software. Real-time dashboards continuously give you relevant information about the health status of the software and our quality experts will guide you in how to prioritize your efforts and reduce management costs.

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How do you get started? Fortunately, it’s easy and quick. Quality Monitoring requires no onboarding process – all we need is some time with a member of your development team. In just a few minutes, we scan your code. Afterward, we leverage a suite of tools to assess the status of your project in terms of code health, security, and project management.

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Through this process, we unveil long-term trends in your code, historical development team relationships, security vulnerabilities, and the overall real-time status of your project. You receive daily updates that provide you with all the essential information.

We can have the system up and running within a few days – or even hours if necessary. You will receive regular reports, offering valuable insights to help you prioritize effectively.

Currently, the demand for Quality Monitoring is greater than ever.

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Software Quality Dashboard is based on the following two recurring assessments: Health Check and Security Vulnerability Assessment.

Health check

Assess the health of your code

Get an overview of the current health of your software projects. Using ML-based tools, we give you a detailed insight of your system, your teams and your code status.

Security vulnerability assessment

Identify security risks

The risk of security breaches and vulnerability issues is higher than ever. We help you identify weaknesses before attackers walk out the door with confidential information.

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