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Predicting the future is no longer science fiction. We combine the power of AI with the human expertise of our consultants to give you the insights you need about your software projects, systems and processes. And we have structured our software assessments to provide quick and comprehensible summaries – and to cater to your needs  

Do you need help selecting the right IT systems supplier? A complete review of your existing quality process? Or a software project analysis with recommendations on what to prioritise? Based on your specific needs, we help you with the quality assessments and analyses you need. 

Our services include:

Improving Delivery Flow – IDF service aims to dissect your entire delivery flow using quality as the leading star. We include your staff and together we identify human and technical bottlenecks.

Health check gives you an independent assessment of your code and software quality, with hands-on recommendations on areas to improve. Whenever you engage a consultant from System Verification, a Health Check is included. 

If you are investing in a company, our semi-automated Technical Due Diligence service swiftly provides an easy-to-read report. This addresses code health and gives you an overview of potential – and costly – risks and threats. 

We also offer complete performance checks of your applications. The performance check includes test execution and suggestions for improvements. 

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Improving Delivery Flow_System Verification
Make way for the value stream

Improving Delivery Flow - IDF

How does my product improve the digital life of my consumers? How can I serve my customers even better? Often the answers to these questions are sought downstream of your delivery flow. However, we believe that the digital life of your customers and that of your staff is intrinsically connected.

This service aims to dissect your entire delivery flow using quality as the leading star. Realising our vision of “Improving digital life” includes the staff, we identify human and technical bottlenecks together. Leveraging our guidance and your commitment, we strive for a transparent way of working, enabling you to achieve the results you desire.

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Software Intelligence Health Check
Get a healthier code base

Health Check

A Health check is the perfect start for your journey to a healthier codebase. Using state-of-the-art tools based on Machine Learning and the hands-on expertise of our analysts, it provides you with a review and an independent assessment of your codebase. 

By ensuring that your code is healthy, you can avoid expensive technical debt, unforeseen IT investments and other disruptions. You get a clear summary in a report, which includes an assessment of your code quality and suggested prioritisations. In addition, we provide a walkthrough of the report together with one of our consultants.  

A Health check is always included when you engage a consultant from System Verification. 

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IT Due Diligence
System assessments made easy

Technical Due Diligence

With our unique and semi-automated software reviews, the Technical Due Diligence process becomes quick and easy. If you are planning to invest in or buy a company, this is the perfect way to get a review of code health and organisational/architectural dependencies. By using machine learning algorithms, our process ensures that you, as an investor, get the best possible overview of potential costly risks and threats.  

We analyse the behaviours and efficiency of both teams and individuals, and make sure that you get an understanding of how good the codebase is compared to peers.

The combination of Machine Learning-based tools and our expertise in Quality Assurance and Software Development gives you all the insights you need to make a correct and well-founded investment decision.

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Performance Test
Ensuring great user experiences

Performance Check

Let our performance testing experts work with you to identify problems and achieve optimal system performance.
Your company gets a complete review of performance, including test execution and suggestions for improvements.  

A direct status report tells you whether your application is ready for release and can perform under expected loads. You also have the possibility to test the system continuously to avoid problems during updates and maintenance procedures.  

In short, we help you avoid downtime and deliver maximum experiences to your users.

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