Test Automation as a Service

Continuously improve your software

Our method and tools for Test Automation let you increase delivery speed – while maintaining stability. The approach is completely flexible. We can either adopt our way of working to yours, or introduce new methods. Bottom line is, our experts can guide you to the right decisions and Test Automation plans that ensure efficiency in the long run, no matter if you work with Selenium, Cypress, our own framework Reload TT or other tool.

We can support you with Test Automation expertise as a part of our subscription service. This flexible delivery format means that we always deliver according to your specific needs. For a fixed monthly fee, you get access to a range of competencies and experts. And as your needs change, so does the content of our deliveries. This lets us combine several services to ensure you always get a delivery containing the components you need – month after month.

Subscription Service benefits

Our subscription services within software quality assurance offer several positive aspects that can benefit organizations. Here are some of the key advantages, which are always adjusted to your organization’s situation and needs:

  • Scalability and flexible delivery
  • Cost predictability and cost competitiveness
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Continuous delivery independent of individuals
  • Access to a wide range of skills and experiences for advice and support

Test Automation as a service in short

Listen to Eric and Bobby describe shortly what Test Automation as a service is and the opportunities and positive solutions you can expect when choosing this way of working.

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Our approach differs from many others. We:

  • Use existing developer competence
  • Leverage existing tools and technologies
  • Build test competence using expert knowledge and guidance
  • Focus on Process, System integration and Test Automation

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A broader approach – a more sustainable solution

We work with seven different technical areas to give you a sustainable Test Automation solution.

Version Control Management

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

Test Automation strategy

Visibility, overview, information access

Setup management

Quality monitoring

Test Automation Job Ad
Go all in

The benefits of 100% commitment

  • Fast project setup in a dedicated customer specific cloud-based area. Project is up and running from day 1 (if a standard TaaS configuration is selected)
  • Built-in and automated test solution based on best practices and programmatic test framework. Clear and built-in automated test strategy. Integrated with the CI/CD setup
  • Fast CI/CD pipeline setup. Cloud based CI/CD (AWS)
  • Project visibility and clarity. Project dashboard. Single access entry point


To make sure you get exactly the level of support you need, we have structured our work into three phases:

1 Analysis & prototype

We analyse your current situation and create a proposal for a Test Automation framework.


  • A runnable framework
  • Suggestions on tools
  • Integration with your test environment
  • Execution plan
  • Implementation of 1-3 test cases (pending complexity)
  • Time and cost estimate for full implementation

Time estimate: 2-3 weeks

2 Implementation

Based on the analysis, we make a full implementation of a Test Automation framework.


  • A fully functional and reusable framework for automated testing
  • Implementation of relevant test cases


Price model: fixed price

3 Operation

We can assume an ongoing responsibility for your framework and perform recurrent tests on a monthly subscription basis.


  • Specification and implementation of test cases, which are executed in regular intervals
  • Analyses of executed tests
  • Test case reports and suggestions on improvements
  • Maintenance of test framework and test cases

Price: Monthly subscription

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