Secure your software system’s performance

Performance tests provide a great way to make sure your software systems are stable, reliable and up to speed. Using well-established processes and methodologies, our performance tests give you deep insights into your current system status and suggest solutions to any identified issues or bottlenecks.

We can be up and running straight away, implementing a technical solution from day one. This means you get proven quality fast – and at a reasonable cost.

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Why performance tests?

  • Secure a good user experience for your customers
  • Make sure you don’t pay for overcapacity
  • Rest assured you have high performance – it pays off in the long run
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Three steps to performance perfection

Our performance test services are flexible and structured into three steps:

1 Analysis & prototype
  • Creation of a fully functional prototype
  • Suggestions on tools
  • Integration with your test environment
  • Implementation of 1-3 test cases (pending complexity)
  • Execution plan
  • Time and cost estimate for full implementation

Time estimate: 2-3 weeks

2 Implementation
  • Full implementation of test framework.
  • Implementation of relevant test cases
  • Automated (or on demand) performance tests
  • Workshop format walkthrough
  • Training sessions

Price model: Fixed price

3 Operation
  • Implementation of test cases, which are executed in regular intervals
  • Analyses of executed tests
  • Test case reports
  • Maintenance of test framework

Price: Monthly subscription

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