Value-based deliveries

We know that QA needs tend to change over time. One month, you perhaps focus on your Test Automation framework. Next month, you need to deal with requirements specifications. That’s why we’ve made flexibility the fundament for our subscription services. This setup gives you access to a set of skills rather than a specific consultant. For a fixed monthly fee, you get access to a wide range of Quality Assurance expertise and competencies. Logistics and coordination is handled by us and you have a single point of contact. To summarize: it is a partnership approach where you pay for the value delivered instead of hours.

Our subscription services can be delivered in full, and also in part by our nearshore teams in Bosnia and Poland. This is a cost-competitive and efficient way to solve your QA challenges. When utilizing our nearshore services, you can choose between extending a team controlled by your organisation, or use our Outsourcing services. The latter means you completely outsource a team or function.

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Subscription Service benefits

Our subscription services within software quality assurance offer several positive aspects that can benefit organizations. Here are some of the key advantages, which are always adjusted to your organization’s situation and needs:

  • Scalability and flexible delivery
  • Cost predictability and cost competitiveness
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Continuous delivery independent of individuals
  • Access to a wide range of skills and experiences for advice and support

Quality Monitoring

By combining the power of AI with human expertise, Quality Monitoring gives you the insights you need to secure and stabilize your software.

Test Automation as a service

Maintaining and improving software quality is challenging. Let our experts guide you to the decisions and Test Automation plans that ensure efficiency in the long run.



Performance Test as a Service

Our framework for performance tests can be up and running in a day – a quick and efficient way to ensure your software systems are stable, reliable and up to speed.

Azure DevOps as a service

Deliver more, faster – Azure DevOps is a key for your organisation to unlock its full potential. We help you take advantage of the power and versatility of Azure DevOps.

How we optimise our deliveries

As digitalisation accelerates, there is a continuously growing demand for technical expertise. More often than not, this demand exceeds supply. The shortage of skills is challenging. And it’s not just the tech industry that is struggling. Today, more or less all organisations rely on technology and software.

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