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Unique - Powerful - Actionable

Being able to predict the future is no longer science fiction, it is a reality. And it saves you money, time and effort, and gives you an unsurpassed advantage on the market. Our monitoring service Software Intelligence benefits from the power of AI in combination with human expertise. Exciting insights about your software project that you never would have been able to understand without AI, are today available within minutes. Hidden risks are revealed and new business opportunities can be discovered. Our experts monitor your software project based on a powerful AI tool, analyse the results and recommend what to prioritize.

Actionable data for Executives, Managers and Engineers

Software Intelligence is a monitoring service that can be a CEO’s best friend, but also make life much easier for Delivery Managers, Software Architects and Developers. Each role has their customized dashboard that shows the KPIs they are most interested in. One dashboard can show how the company compares to peers in the industry, another can visualize critical parts of the code or how the development teams interact. There are more than forty features to choose from. Eventually, you have the power to reduce maintenance costs, identify team productivity bottlenecks and predict the future evolution of your code.

High degree of certainty

We use the AI tool CodeScene that is based on forensic science and uses behavioral data mined from version control and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in the evolution of your code. Historical relationships and long-term trends in your code are revealed. This method gives a high degree of certainty.

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Software Intelligence

Software Intelligence CodeScene Hotspots System Health Monitoring

What are the benefits?

  • Prioritizes technical debt
  • Evaluates organizational efficiency
  • Facilitates team planning with onboarding and offboarding simulations
  • Predicts delivery risks
Software Intelligence Health check
Quick & Easy

Health Check

The Health Check gives you a review of your codebase, no matter how big it is. A report shows the most critical hotspots to act on. A Health Check does include some expertise recommendations and the report is followed up by a call by one of our experts in order to give you even deeper insights.

Provides a review of your code base

  • Highlights the most critical hotspots
  • Some expert recommendations included
  • Report in a PDF
  • Phone call with an expert
Software Intelligence
Complete investigation


A deep diving investigation of the status of your software project, including in depth expertise recommendations. Architectural as well as organizational aspects are taken into consideration. The analysis is combined with interviews with key stakeholders.

  • Identifies critical KPIs to be followed up
  • Prioritizes the code that is most expensive to maintain
  • Discovers team productivity bottlenecks
  • Supports onboarding and offboarding
  • Discovers refactoring targets
  • Report that presents findings and recommendations
Software Intelligence
Long-term perspective

Project monitoring

Our quality and software experts monitor the progress of the software project and provide advanced reports including recommendations on a regular basis.

  • Continuous monitoring of the software project based on predefined KPIs
  • Supports test strategy and test planning
  • Supports onboarding and offboarding
  • Supports CI/CD integration with risk prediction
  • Access to dashboards



CodeScene by Empear
Quality Monitoring

What is the difference between a static code analysis and CodeScene?

Our service Software Intelligence uses the AI tool CodeScene. How does it differ from a static code analysis tool? And do you really have to choose between them? We asked Adam Tornhill, Founder of Empear to clarify the situation.

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