Performance Check

The path to a positive user experience

Error-prone websites and long response times can give even the most innovative company a bad reputation and make once-loyal customers flee to competitors. System Verification offers performance check of websites, intranets or mobile applications. Your company gets a complete review of performance, including test execution and suggestions for improvements. We also offer recurrent tests in existing performance testing frameworks, and training courses and workshops.

Do you suspect that your current IT system isn’t up to scratch?

We deliver a direct status report that tells you whether your website, intranet or mobile application is ready for release and can perform under expected loads. You also have the possibility to test the system continuously to avoid problems during updates and maintenance procedures. Our experts within performance testing will work with you to find problems and achieve optimal system performance.

You get a complete review of performance, including test execution and suggestions for improvements.

Business benefits

Customer satisfaction

Deliver the maximum user experience to your website or application.

Improved cost effectiveness

You pay only for the capacity you need.

Stable revenue flow

Avoid downtime and lost business.

Assured information distribution

Keep everyone in the loop.

What are your critical scenarios?

We can carry our performance testing for a range of application areas, such as:

  • Online product catalogues
  • Appointment booking systems
  • Campaigns and event ticket releases
  • Surveys and voting services
  • Ordering and payment processes
  • Bank transactions
  • Order management
  • Mobile apps
  • Control systems
  • Real-time systems
  • Medical equipment

Start with a proof of concept

The Performance Check always begins with a so-called proof of concept, where we review the requirements on the IT system, select tools, and define the test environment and user scenarios. The scenarios are run to determine the specific approach and time required to complete performance testing. Here, customer involvement is particularly important. The better our communication, the more effective the project will be. Proof of concept results in a test plan, which serves as the basis for our quote for completing the performance testing phase.

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