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We are all facing unprecedented challenges. Many companies are in the process of adjusting the way they operate. Offices are empty. Many have turned their home into their temporary workplace. Virtual meetings replace in-person get-togethers. And as all this happens – do you feel you are able to stay in control of your software projects? Is your contingency plan in place, and is everyone working as expected? Are you clear on dependencies between teams and individuals? How can you simulate the effects of employees suddenly becoming sick? How can you control risk, and what are your main priorities at this point in time?

The insecurities are many. The need for data-driven insights greater than ever. Because with the right insights, you can also make the right priorities to secure and stabilize your software. This is where Quality Monitoring comes in. In summary, it is a service that lets you stay in control, even when your workforce is scattered over a multitude of locations.

Combining the power of AI with human expertise, Quality Monitoring is a unifying concept for a number of different software monitoring services. This is the best and most cost-efficient way to keep track of the progress of your software. Real-time dashboards continuously give you relevant information about the health status of the software and our quality experts guide you how to prioritize your efforts and reduce management costs.

So how do you get started? Fortunately, it is easy and quick. Quality Monitoring requires no on-boarding process – all we need is 30 minutes with a member of your development team. In a just few minutes we scan your code. And then, we use a forensic science-based AI tool together with machine learning algorithms and behavioural data mined from a version control system to identify patterns in the evolution of your code.

Through this, we reveal bottlenecks, historical relationships and long-term trends in your code, and we measure Code Quality evolvement in real time. You get customized reports and alarms telling you all you need to know. We can be up and running within a few days – or hours, if necessary – and  and you will receive reports on an ongoing basis, providing you with all the insights you need to prioritize in the best possible way.

Right now, the need for Quality Monitoring is probably bigger than ever. And right now, we offer a 50% discount on this unique, subscription-based service.

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Predictive analytics

Software Intelligence

Software Intelligence benefits from the power of AI in combination of human expertise. Our quality experts monitor the software and present recommendations that reduce management costs and identify organizational bottlenecks. All data is visualized on real-time customized dashboards to executives, managers or engineers. This is Quality Assurance at its best.

Software Intelligence



Being prepared for security breaches is A and O. We help you identify security issues, misconfigurations and other weaknesses before it is too late by using the best in class automated vulnerability and threat discovery engine. This monitoring service is invaluable when your business is the victim of a virus attack or other type of malicious code.

Vulnerability Check




Error-prone websites and long response times can give any company a bad reputation and make once-loyal customers flee to competitors. On Black Fridays it is too late to make required improvements… A Performance Check gives you a complete review of performance, including test execution and suggestions for improvements. We also offer recurrent tests in existing performance testing frameworks.

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