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How to succeed in Test Automation

In today’s shift towards Agile and DevOps, it is a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the quality of software. Test Automation can be an important part of the solution, but it takes some smart decisions, a skillful implementation and a long-term plan of how to use it. Together with us, you get the most benefit out of your automated testing efforts.

Did you know, all our consultants are equipped/licensed and educated in CodeScene to be able to perform a health check on our customers test automation code. With this analysis/check the team can make sure they plan and work in the most effective way to maintain or increase your project’s code health and not add-on to the technical debt. This possibility enable your team to create a more sustainable work process and streamline your way of working.

Test Automation
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Solve your Test Automation challenges with Docker

How can Docker, a container technology platform, be used in test automation? This webinar also gives you insights into DevOps culture and how Docker can cut costs. Last but not least, we visualise the benefits of Docker in a demo.

Test Automation Docker Emir Hodzic
An insight to Docker

Test Automation with little of Docker

“Have you ever used Docker?” was one of the first questions Emir Hodzic was asked by his mentor. At that point he'd only heard about it and he was not even at ease with the question. As a test automation engineer, you don’t get to experiment with a lot of different DevOps tools. Read Emir's insightful article on Test Automation with Docker.

Process and packaging industry
“We developed and implemented a test automation framework solution for a company in the process and packaging industry. Today this framework replaces up to 80% of existing test cases.”
Erik Björhäll

Erik Björhäll, CEO System Verification Sweden.

Test Automation Engineer

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Our clients are found in a wide range of sectors such as Bank & Finance, IT, telecom, life sciences, security, manufacturing, retail, energy and the automotive industry. They need your expertise in automated testing and your passion for quality.

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