Requirements Management

Clear requirements are a success factor

One of our specialist areas is requirements management. Development and breakdown of requirements are essential to be able to track changes, ensure appropriate quality and reduce costs and risks. Our requirements management experts can help define requirements and document, develop and improve processes.

Everyone’s voice is heard

A typical initial work strategy is for us to work together with the client to compile a list of stakeholders. The stakeholder list is used to ensure that the voices of everyone with a vested interest in the requirements are heard. We arrange workshops to scope, document and prioritize requirements, so that at a later stage we can break down the information into requirements specifications. This activity also strengthens the company’s internal competence.

We work with the overall picture

A well-proven requirements process is a prerequisite, for example in implementing a reliable change management process. We work with the overall picture to make sure you can deliver what is expected of you. We offer services in documentation and development of requirements processes, and training courses in requirements methodology and processes.

Improves security and traceability

Many organizations are experiencing increasing demands from authorities and others to improve security and traceability in requirements. Our process break down and refine requirements while creating and maintaining traceability between requirements and subsequent development and testing activities.


We offer a complete solution with traceability from stakeholder requirements to actual code with retained history.


We can provide:

  • Documentation and development of requirements processes
  • Training courses in requirements methodology and processes

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Dag Widell
Former CIO, Granngården

Requirements Management

Are requirements the elephant in the room?

Are requirements the elephant in the room? Here are the steps to get started. Karolina Mileros, Requirements Management Specialist at System Verification, gives you her best advices to get started.

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