Function and Intergration Test

Structured test process leads to better quality

Efficient software development integrates software testing from the very beginning of an IT project and then works in a highly structured manner with quality at all stages of the development process, from requirement management and documentation to tools support and work processes. The advantage is that you gain control over the delivery, which will have the desired quality at lower costs and with shorter lead times. We help all types of organizations that develop software as support systems for internal operations or develop software for resale to B2B and B2C end customers.

Strategic, tactical and operative benefits

From a strategic perspective, an IT project becomes viable only with well-defined requirements based on the users’ needs, schedules, reports and expected delivery. The cost perspective is also relevant when the documentation is thorough and items such as templates can be re-used. From a purely tactical point of view, a structured test process allows the organization to deliver more, with better quality and more frequent releases. At an operational level your software projects become easier to work with thanks to a more clearly defined structure.

You gain control over the delivery, which will have the desired quality at lower costs and with shorter lead times.


Software testing and quality assurance efforts are a work in progress throughout the development process, requiring a variety of different test skills and testing types within QA. We work with all types of software testing on all testing levels. Furthermore, we have knowledge of specialty areas such as embedded systems, web solutions and med-tech products, just to mention a few. We have the capacity to provide these resources wherever they are required.


Requirements expert
Test manager
Product owner
Scrum Master

Test strategist
Test designer
Tester / Test engineer

Data scientist
QA strategist
Cloud specialist
Business analyst
Performance tester
Test Automation engineer
Test developer
DevOps engineer

Test and Verification
Gain insights


In today’s shift towards Agile and DevOps, it is a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the quality of software. Get the right insights on how to succeed with Test Automation in your Software Projects.

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