Software Due Diligence

Shouldn't you lift the lid before investing?

Are you about to invest in a company where the software that is being built is a big part of the valuation of the company? Then we are happy to help with a Software Due Diligence. You will be surprised to hear how cost-efficient and swiftly it can be done!

We know that startups and scaleups are attractive to investors – but we also know that it is hard to know exactly what you invest in. Sometimes there is a lot of turmoil in early-stage startups, staff turnover tends to be high, and the code quality can be rather lackluster after a while. Also, the technical debt tends to increase as the code base gets more and more complex. A large technical debt that grows unattended can prove costly further down the road.


Doing a Software Due Diligence is a way to avoid surprises, mitigate risks and gain full insights before you invest. We have seen it as our mission to create a service that is semi-automated, cost-efficient, unbiased, and fast to carry out. The findings are visualized in an easy-to-understand report. You as an investor can use these findings in your discussions prior to your investment to balance the information gap between you and the company. You can be more confident that you are making a sound investment.


If you already have made investments in software-heavy companies, we recommend that you do unbiased reviews from time to time. Our Software Due Diligence is the perfect thermometer to ensure the company you have invested in is on the right path.

Software Due Diligence System Verification

A Software Due Diligence gives you:

  • An unbiased analysis from Northern Europe’s leading QA company
  • A combination of hands-on human expertise and AI-driven software
  • Valuable insights about the codebase and tech stack of the company you want to invest in
  • Easy-to-read reports visualizing technical, organizational, and social weaknesses.
  • A focused review of current and future risks


Software Due Diligence System Verification


For more information, please contact:

David Svensson
Sales Manager
+46 70 789 89 38

“One of the key benefits is that we are able to move fast since our process is semi-automated. Within a couple of days, we can provide a quick indication on technical debt and trends in code health, both are key indicators for how costly the code will be to maintain. Another indicator that is just as important for an investor is to get insights about who the key persons are in the team. We provide answers to all those questions with our Software DD.”
Software Due Diligence Marcus Lundström

Marcus Lundström, System Verification.

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