Software Due Diligence

How is your IT environment doing?

Are you faced with sale or purchase of the company, company appraisal, or simply the need to understand the status of your software? If so, it’s time for a Software Due Diligence. We can provide a full review or focus on specific areas. The process can include the unique automated method for review of your software with Code Scene that is developed by our partner Empear. The method is based on forensic analysis techniques, and is designed to quickly identify weak points and dependencies so you can prioritize more effectively. 

Unique method reveals weak points

More than 70 per cent of all business-critical IT projects are unable to deliver on time, within budget or according to requirements. It’s an astonishing statistic. The complexity of these projects is difficult to grasp and manage, and this leads to greatly increased costs for maintenance. CodeScene is based on forensic analysis, which has revolutionized techniques for preventing problems, setting priorities and creating more efficient management of IT systems. We analyse the behaviours of both teams and individuals, making it possible to predict the areas of systems where changes can produce immediate effects and prevent problems in the long term.

What information do you need?

Our consultants can carry out a complete or specific review. The review can included analysis of:

  • Infrastructure
  • IT systems
  • Operations
  • Communication
  • Staff and competences
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Licence inventory
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • Review identifying technical, organizational and social points of weakness
Digital security

Rapid reductions in maintenance costs

  • Greater efficiency in development
  • Reduced vulnerability
  • Insight about dependencies


The analysis gives you:

  • A complete review of your software, irrespective of size
  • Graphical, clear reports illustrating technical, organizational and social points of weakness
  • Decision-making basis for prioritizing actions and planning maintenance


For more information, please contact:


David Svensson
Sales Manager
+46 70 789 89 38

“Calculations show that maintenance of code costs 13–14 times the initial investment during a 10-year period. Our reviews allows you to take the right actions, at the right time and where they’re most needed in the system.”

Magnus C. Ohlsson, Test Strategist, System Verification.

Do you need a Software Due Diligence?

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