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Do you want to take advantage of expert services without having to recruit? Maybe you are looking at nearshoring to reduce costs? Or you simply want to find the best skills to solve your QA challenges? Whatever the reason, we offer expert competences with a well-established and proven process at very competitive prices. 

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Royal visit Sarajevo office Hamdija Jusufagic Crown Princess Victoria Prince Daniel QA Robot Pepper

In 2019, our Sarajevo unit was visited by the Swedish Crown Princess couple.

Extended or Outsourced Team

When you acquire nearshore services from us, you have the option to choose between extending an existing team controlled by your organization, or to outsource a complete team or function. Either way, you will always get 100% dedicated team members with the right attitude and competence for the job. 

Nearshoring to Sarajevo and/or Warsaw combines several advantages. The first benefit is access to highly skilled consultants. Many clients who want to nearshore are planning to scale up their operations. In this situation, access to the right competence is absolutely necessary, especially when so many clients are demanding the same types of expertise. Both Sarajevo and Warsaw are good recruitment bases, thanks to universities and technical institutions that produce highly qualified candidates. We also cooperate with the HUB387 incubator, which offers cutting-edge IT training including System Verification’s own courses in quality assurance. 

In terms of leadership, responsibility, integrity, loyalty and business ethics, Bosnia and Poland are similar to Sweden. This facilitates cooperation on all levels, and we can ensure a stable leadership. Our employees are also very skilled in the English language. We provide our employees with excellent working conditions in fabulous office environments, and ongoing skills development; this means that we have a very low rate of turnover in our teams, and that clients can always rely on good continuity in our projects.

Nearshore System Verification

Advantages of nearshore from Sarajevo and Warsaw

  • Business culture and language – responsible consultants with excellent English skills
  • Competence – top-performing students with degrees from respected technical universities
  • Loyalty – low staff turnover
  • No time difference – our business day is your business day
  • Customer base – serving clients all over the world, distance delivery is daily business
  • IT infrastructure – well-functioning IT facilities
Nearshore System Verification


With our Ecosystem of partners such as Reeinvent and Codescene we have the power to deliver a full service for any clients that need to develop their digital platform. All companies have the same mindset when it comes to developing software with high quality and in an efficient way.

With our Ecosystem we guarantee that we can provide teams that are well known to each other and with experience of working together on many different types of projects.



Nearshoring is a delivery model that can be a natural and beneficial part of your company and project.  IT nearshoring refers to outsourcing IT work to a team located in a nearby country. This can provide several benefits for businesses, including access to a larger pool of skilled talent, cost savings, and cultural compatibility. And one thing we tend to forget – it can easily be combined with regional teams or individuals.

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