Training talents for the future

Do you need young QA Engineers in your organisation to challenge the status quo and prepare for the future? Our Greenhouse program is a joint commitment between us and our customers. We find and recruit highly motivated, newly graduated engineers who want to deepen their knowledge about quality assurance, work in real IT projects and become a full-fledged QA Engineer.

A customized training program

During the Greenhouse period of two years, the youth is tutored by System Verification and they follow a customized training program with focus on quality assurance, new technologies and personal development. In parallel, they get practical experience of your IT systems and processes. Our Greenhouse program gives you a unique opportunity to attract talents.

future employment

The Greenhouse program is based on at least 10 young professionals and the duration of the program is 24 months. During the first year, they are all employed by System Verification. After the first year, some of the individuals are offered a full-time employment at either System Verification or the customer depending on the candidate’s career planning.

Interested to learn more?

Contact Fredrik Grimsberg, CEO Sweden, for more information about our Greenhouse program, mobile +46 73 661 28 16.

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A complete program

  • Selection of relevant talents for your business
  • Training package according to your needs
  • Practical experience of your IT systems, processes and projects
  • Senior mentors from System Verification
  • Network of specialists at System Verification

Attractive benefits


Solve the short-term need for competence and build a pipeline for the future


Attract young engineers with great potential


Get customized training package and mentorship to shape world-class QA specialists

First job

Support young people’s entry into the labor market

Young people

They challenge and contribute

Many of us have had the wonderful experience of having young people around us. They are often optimistic, creative and are early adopters of new technology. In a Greenhouse program, you will have a group of young people contributing to your projects.

  • Interested in new technology trends e.g. AI and machine learning
  • Hungry for knowledge
  • Open to change
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Adaptive
  • Driven

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