Dedicated Team


As working remote has become the new normal, the best quality assurance experts are as accessible as anyone else. Give your business a competence boost – let us help you meet your targets by assembling a dream team of digital specialists. We provide different models to support you in both a short- and long-term perspective, and to give you the help you are looking for, whether it is a team extension or finding young talents for recruitment. Learn more about the details about each offering below and in our FAQ, or get in touch.


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Nearshore Team

A Nearshore Team is an extension of your organization. You get world class competence at an affordable price, that complements your local organization in a great way. Either as an Outsourced Team or as an Extended Team.

Extended Team

You know what to do and you want to govern your teams, but you are lacking the competence capacity. An extended team is a way for you to expand your capacity with pinpointed team members with the right skills that complement your local team, to maximize your delivery.

Outsourced Team

You don’t want to think about software but realize its importance to your business. You want someone to take full responsibility to build, develop and operate your solution. We make sure that your set up is relevant today and for all future challenges.

Greenhouse Team

Are you looking for young QA Engineers to challenge you and prepare for the future? Our Greenhouse program is a joint commitment where we find and recruit highly motivated, newly graduated engineers who want to deepen their knowledge about quality assurance, to become full-fledged QA Engineers.

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