Continuous FEEDBACK

Feedback is fuel for new work. With feedback from current or future users, you learn what’s most important to them. New features, fixing bugs or dealing with performance issues? With the right insights, you can make the right plans for your product roadmap – and secure quality.

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Monitoring is your eyes and ears.Through monitoring, you learn what is going on, and what your next step should be to serve your user base best. It is everything from understanding your users, identifying performance issues or dealing with support tickets. When working with us, you can select one or several of the data streams that you want to monitor, and we will help you with implementation. Or use our subscription-based Quality Monitoring service for full transparency of what is going on.


  • Production performance
  • Development throughput
  • Security monitoring
  • Log monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • User feedback
  • Defect monitoring
  • Cost monitoring

Examples of tools we use


Planning is crucial. It should be done continuously, based on external input and targets outlined in your roadmap.

Input streams are basically from three major sources:

  1. Product vision
  2. Customer feedback
  3. System and development monitoring

Product vision drives the idea about the product and the strategy behind it. This could refer to things the user doesn’t even know are missing.
Customer feedback is important to understand what they like and don’t like about the product. This information could be gathered automatically by the system, or via surveys.

Monitoring for development throughput and system performance will provide insights about the efficiency in the organization, and also how the system is performing in production.

Based on the three input streams, the planning work is done by product owners, test manager and scrum masters. To organise and break down the work in detailed time plans, planning is preferably done using agile support tools like Jira or Azure boards. Using a tool is also crucial to be able to monitor and learn for the future.


Examples of tools we use

Our experts within Continuous Feedback

Continuous Integration (CI)

CI is the practice to merge or synchronize several team members into one well-working unit, dedicated to deliver business value.


  • Based upon a solid foundation of user stories and epics, the developers start to build the product features.


  • We guide you to a simplified and speedier build process.


  • With services such as Test Automation and Performance tests, we help you continuously improve software quality.


  • Performance specialist
  • Test automation specialist
  • Security engineer
  • Agile tester
  • Test engineer
Quality Expertise

Continuous Delivery (CD)

CD can be descibed as principles for putting artifacts together in contolled and reproducable way, to make your applications accessible to users.


  • Using the best practices and tools, we help you store your release artifacts for easy reproduction.


  • The final stage before users get access to the new features.


  • DevOps specialist
  • QA analytics specialist

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