Making a statement with quality expertise

Quality assurance is about building the right things in the right way to give users great experiences. The key to success is a feedback loop that connects users with the experience-building team.

Efficient software development integrates software testing from the very beginning of an IT project and then works in a highly structured manner with quality at all stages of the development process, from requirement management and documentation to tools support and work processes.

Passion for QA System Verification

The life cycle

Code Plan Release Deploy Build Verify Monitor

With our expertise within SDLC – the Software Development Life Cycle – we have what you need to succeed. And we spice it up with an unrivalled quality aspect. We combine CI, CD and CF to a complete service portfolio that supports your full life cycle – or, if you prefer, the parts you need help with. We work with all kinds of tools – commercial, open source or home made.

Our Azure devOps service covers the full SDLC in a Microsoft technology stack.

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Continuous Feedback (CF)

Feedback is the fuel for new work – the feedback you get from current or future users gives you insights into what’s important to them.


  • Your eyes and ears – everything from understanding your users to identifying performance issues.


  • Test strategy, sprint planning and management of requirements.

Our experts within Continuous Feedback:

  • Agile test leader (Test manager)
  • QA strategist
  • Business analyst
  • Product owner
  • QA analytics specialist
  • Requirement expert

Continuous Integration (CI)

CI is the practice to merge or synchronize several team members into one well-working unit, dedicated to deliver business value.


  • Based upon a solid foundation of user stories and epics, the developers start to build the product features.


  • We guide you to a simplified and speedier build process.


Our experts within Continuous Integration:

  • Performance specialist
  • Test automation specialist
  • Security engineer
  • Agile tester
  • Test engineer
  • Test designer
  • Test developer
  • Scrum master
Quality Expertise

Continuous Delivery (CD)

CD can be described as principles for putting artifacts together in controlled and reproducible way, to make your applications accessible to users.


  • Using the best practices and tools, we help you store your release artifacts for easy reproduction.


  • The final stage before users get access to the new features.

Our experts/SERVICES within Continuous DELIVERY:

HR Operations Specialist Job Ad Stockholm

Partnering with System Verification

We believe in collaborations and take a partnership approach to everything we do. It’s when we work together, and bring our quality assurance expertise into the heart of your software development operations, that we truly can help boost your business. Learn more about our different setups and models that can support you, both in the long and short term.

System Verification_Software Quality Assurance

Our expertise as a service

We can deliver all of our expertise in a packaged “as a Service” manner. Over the years, we have developed a fully functional cloud-based technical framework/architecture for tasks such as Test Automation and Performance Tests. In addition, we have collected our joint knowledge within QA and packaged that into best practices and agile way of working. The result is a comprehensive service catalog through which we can full or partial responsibility in our customers Software Development Life Cycle. When fully operational, the tailor made service is delivered on a monthly fixed price business model.

QA as a service - Our way of working

1 Analysis & prototype

Regardless if the customer need for help is of technical character or not, our packaged services always start with a Proof of Concept phase. We analyze the current situation and propose a next step for full implementation. The proposal includes a detailed plan, including a time and cost estimate, on how to implement the service in practice. For our technical services, such as Test Automation, DevOps or Performance test, the deliverable in this phase is always a fully cloud-based runnable technical framework, including a selected number of automated test cases. For non-technical services, such as Agile Testing Services and governance models, the deliverable is a proposed way of working including the needed resources when fully operational.

Time estimate: 2-3 weeks (depending on need and complexity)
Price model: Hourly based

2 Implementation

Based on the result from the Analysis & Prototype phase, we implement the service(s) in practice. When the implementation is done, the service is fully operational as an integral part of the customers Software Development Life Cycle. The customer chooses whether to either continue to engage System Verification when going into daily operations mode, or if the customer wants us to do a hand-over in order to operate the solution themselves. The phase is well documented and ends with a walkthrough in workshop format as well as training sessions with the customer staff (if the customer wants to operate the solution). A deliverable is also a cost estimate for a continuous “as a Service” delivery from System Verification in operational mode.

Time estimate: Depending on the result from the Analysis & Prototype phase
Price model: Fixed price

3 Operation

System Verification assumes an ongoing and continous responsibility for the solution on a monthly subscription basis “as a Service”. The customer gets a fully operational and integral service, delivered by a team of experts from System Verification. The service can be a mix of:

– on-site (depending on customer geography)
– local delivery (depending on customer geography)
– distance delivery
– near-shore components

System Verification has the size, capacity and expertise to gear up with exactly the team composition needed tailor made for every specific customer.

Price model: Fixed price

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