Break down the silos

Boosting deliveries with DevOps

Elite performers around the world are adopting DevOps. With this methodology, they remove the barriers between traditionally separate teams to create a shared passion and intense focus on speed of delivery. But where does this leave your previous efforts to improve deliveries? The hard work you put in to make your teams agile, was it all for naught?

No. Agile and DevOps mindsets are highly compatible. In fact, they reinforce each other, with their focus on reducing batch size and breaking down silos. With our knowledge and experience from both methodologies, our consultants will guide you on your journey to increased business value – by boosting your speed of delivery.
We have made this journey many times, and can’t wait to help you embark on yours.

The benefits we bring

  • Get a best practice roadmap for your organisation
  • Get training and customized onboarding for teams and individuals
  • Get a metrics mindset – measure to continuously improve
  • Get coaching or hands-on help – we do both

Unlock your potential with Microsoft Azure DevOps

The Azure DevOps platform is about getting your organisation to unlock its potential and deliver more, faster. This is achieved by utilising the built-in power of Azure DevOps – which is fuelled by the Microsoft development processes that comes with it. In Microsoft’s own language Azure DevOps gives you the ability to track work, manage code, run builds, deploy applications, and manage tests.

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Testing - a joint effort to ensure quality

Our third webinar on Azure DevOps was hosted on March 9, and this time we concentrated on quality – or, more specifically, how quality can be integrated into your development and operational processes.

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Delivery - from idea to code

How can incremental Agile within Azure DevOps help you optimise your deliveries? To find out, watch our webinar that was hosted on December 8, 2020.

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Unleashing potential

Hands-on tips, hard facts and more – watch our Microsoft Azure DevOps webinar that was hosted on October 6, 2020.


If your teams already are using Azure DevOps: do you know their maturity level? Take our quiz to get an assessment – and some hints on how to boost your speed of delivery, to take your organisation to the next level.

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Ework Group
“We greatly value that an external partner like System Verification challenges and quality assures our internal development organisation.”

Jesper Vraa Hendriksen, CDO Ework Group

“Today all members of the team think, and act based on a quality perspective.”

Tobias Anderson, Test Manager System Verification

A team effort

Get into Azure DevOps

Dwell deeper into the benefits of DevOps. Download our service description to get ideas on how Azure DevOps can work wonders for your teams.

Multiple solutions

Whatever works for you

One size doesn’t always fit all. Fortunately, there are alternative approaches. So while many of our consultants prefer the Azure DevOps “one engineering system” approach, we excel at other technologies as well. The tooling is different, but the methodologies and their benefits are universal. Our consultants also have vast experience from Jira, Jenkins and AWS, to name a few.

Test Automation

Improving quality

How can you continuously maintain and improve software quality? Part of the answer spells Test Automation.

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