Continuous DELIVERY

Continuous Delivery (CD) can be described as principles for putting artifacts together in a controlled and reproducable way. Today, infrasturcre includes source code, and you define your servers with code to enable reproduction and scaling for all needs. Taking all the parts apart, and putting them together again, makes it possible to install to production and invite users. By utilizing modern deployment technologies, you can test your applications on a subset of users without jeopardizing your reputation in the full community.

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Putting the pieces together isn’t always as easy as it seems. And how to organize all the pieces in order to make everything reproducable over and over again – that’s no mean feat either. Using the proper tools and best practices, we help you to store your release artifacts (internal or third party) and the dependencies they have on each other. This lets you put the pieces together whenever you want. The infrastructure for your application is also crucial to be able to reproduce in all stages of the development cycle. It lets developers test their implementation, testers run test automation and, in the final stage, get the product in production. If all phases have the same preconditions, the final release will most likely likelihood be successful. By coding your infrastructure together with your application, you secure that they are a perfect match – and have taken one big leap towards Continuous Delivery.


  • Artifacts
  • Dependencies
  • Infrastructure as Code

Examples of tools we use


Deployment is the final stage before the users get acces to the new features. Today, there are many deployment practices that can be applied to get feedback and test results from a share of your userbase. If you are not 100% sure of your new feature, why test it on everybody? Make some different “flavours” of it and use A/B testing instead. With different deployment techniques, you can continue testing on the target audience without jeopardizing your reputation. We can help you with deployment practices such as AWS, Azure or inhouse.

When deployed you have given your users a promise: to keep the application available for them. Having a proper strategy for disaster and recovery together with high availabilty is crucial to keep users happy. Here at System Verification, we have the necessary experience to guide you and give the users what they expect.


  • Deployment practices
  • Continous Deployment
  • A/B Testing
  • Disaster / Recovery
  • Availability / Resilience

Examples of tools we use

Our experts within continuous delivery

Continuous Integration (CI)

CI is the practice to merge or synchronize several team members into one well-working unit, dedicated to deliver business value.


  • Based upon a solid foundation of user stories and epics, the developers start to build the product features.


  • We guide you to a simplified and speedier build process.


  • With services such as Test Automation and Performance tests, we help you continuously improve software quality.


  • Performance specialist
  • Test automation specialist
  • Security engineer
  • Agile tester
  • Test engineer

Continuous Feedback (CF)

Feedback is the fuel for new work – the feedback you get from current or future users gives you insights into what’s important to them.


  • Your eyes and ears – everything from understanding your users to identifying performance issues.


  • Test strategy, sprint planning and management of requirements.


  • Agile test leader (Test manager)
  • QA strategist
  • Business analyst
  • Product owner
  • QA analytics specialist

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