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How does my product improve the digital life of my consumers? How can I serve my customers even better? Often the answers to these questions are sought downstream of your delivery flow. However, we believe that the digital life of your customers and that of your staff is intrinsically connected.

This service aims to dissect your entire delivery flow using quality as the leading star. Realising our vision of “Improving digital life” includes the staff, we identify human and technical bottlenecks together. Leveraging our guidance and your commitment, we strive for a transparent way of working, enabling you to achieve the results you desire.

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Business Benefits

  • Human and technical aspects alike
  • Openness about the issues in the organisation
  • Provides the basis for further improvement
  • Leverages your sense of shared responsibility and commitment
  • Our commitment and guidance


Listen to Eric and Bobby describe shortly what IDF is all about, the opportunities and positive solutions you can expect when choosing this way of working.

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Who is this for?

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The start-up

You are a start-up company that wants to ensure its future worth to its employers and other stakeholders during the shifts to come.

The changing company

You are a seasoned company that may have gone through some changes already and want conscious control of the evolution.

The process

1.Scope definition

Together, we define an initial scope regarding activities, processes, roles, etc. You draft a list of relevant stakeholders to interview.

We agree on an initial roadmap of your improvement journey including a follow-up workshop to assess the progress.


During the kick-off, we gather the interviewees and the management team to present the process and go through the goals with the IDF.

We also look in more detail at how the interviews will be conducted, together with some inspirational material.


The openness and traction among the interviewees are crucial success factors. Therefore, we invite the interviewee candidates for a short kick-off before the interviews.

Each interview takes approximately one hour. The questions are open-ended and depend on the role of the interviewee.


We analyze the interview input. If needed, additional interviews may be required.

To provide confirming data we may suggest an extra indepth analysis of your codebase. Also, reviewing documentation of processes, test strategies, reports, etc., might be relevant.


Based on the analysis, we write a report identifying the bottlenecks of your delivery flow, and initial long-term and short-term improvement proposals.

We send the report to all stakeholders.

6.Intermediate workshop

We host a half-day workshop to discuss the report and address questions. Together we select the improvement actions you commit to working on until the follow-up workshop, and we set a final date for the follow-up assessment.


We communicate the commitments and the other improvement actions to the stakeholders.

How you accomplish your commitments is up to you. Keep in mind that System Verification is willing to assist.

8.Follow-up workshop

We host a half-day workshop to revisit your improvement journey and evaluate the learnings and the following steps.

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Customer cases

Success stories

What does our services and efforts actually mean to our customers? What benefits do they bring, how do they help businesses? Here are a number of stories from the real world – check out these customer testimonials.

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