Avoid unwanted surprises and gain control over your Software Projects with our Healthcheck

System Verification has been involved in a huge variety of software projects over the years, and we know that it is near impossible to keep track of everything that is happening, on different levels, in different projects. Our Health Check will give you as a Project leader, CXO, Development Manager or Developer a great overview of the current health of your software projects. Not only will we give you a status of the quality of your code, but we will also give you trends and insights about where start working to pay off technical debt in the most efficient way.

We use tools based on AI that provides our experts – and you! – with deep and detailed insights of your system, your teams, and your code status. Our experts will be able to take a sneak peek into the future and predict coming problem areas, as well as reviewing current trends. This is an approach based on risk assessment and our experts will pinpoint problems and present actionable insights of where you should focus your efforts.

After we have finalized our analysis, a written report will be handed to you, normally within a week, and we will of course always follow up with a walkthrough of this report.

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Software Intelligence Health Check


  • Suitable for both tech savvy and non-technical persons
  • Unbiased and actionable insights about your software project
  • Helps you avoid a guessing game when it comes to your technical debt
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Create a sustainable process structure for software development projects

Are you tired of managing complex software development projects that are hard to keep on track? Do you struggle with identifying the right team members, aligning them to your company and IT strategies, and managing technical debt?

Technical Debt_System Verification

How do you prioritize your technical debt?

Are you heading up a software development team, or perhaps working as a CTO? Then you most likely have to deal with technical debt on a more or less daily basis. So how can you approach these issues in a structured way?
The phrase ‘technical debt’ was invented by Ward Cunningham, a software developer also known for inventing the wiki and co-authoring the Agile Manifesto.

knowledge distribution_System Verification

How is knowledge distributed within your team?

Building a software development team is no mean feat. When it comes to skilled developers, demand exceeds supply. But even if you do get hold of the best people, you as a team leader probably know that your work has just started.
There are still things to consider, such as knowledge sharing within the team.

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Digital security


Are you about to invest in a company where the software that is being built is a big part of the valuation of the company? Then we are happy to help with a Technical Due Diligence. You will be surprised to hear how cost-efficient and swiftly it can be done.



Being prepared for security breaches is A and O. We help you identify security issues, misconfigurations and other weaknesses before it is too late by using the best in class automated vulnerability and threat discovery engine. This monitoring service is invaluable when your business is the victim of a virus attack or other type of malicious code.

Quality Monitoring


Error-prone websites and long response times can give any company a bad reputation and make once-loyal customers flee to competitors. On Black Fridays it is too late to make required improvements… A Performance Check gives you a complete review of performance, including test execution and suggestions for improvements. We also offer recurrent tests in existing performance testing frameworks.

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