System Verification sponsors clubs and organizations that contribute to give children and young people a meaningful free time. We also sponsor events that are in line with our business idea and our core values.

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System Verification sponsor Ruku Na Scre Taekwondo
Sponsoring Football Soccer LB07 Malmö
Sponsor Hisingen Hockey Gothenburg Support
Eric Schäder practising his tricks at our conference in Sarajevo in 2018.

Still going strong

Despite his age of 50 plus, our colleague Eric Schäder is still going strong. He is an experienced skateboard competitor and he just can’t put the skateboard on the shelf… System Verification was proud to sponsor Skateboard Freestyle World Cup in 2017 and Eric’s participation in the competition. Keep on going, Eric!

Sponsoring FCR Rosengård Therese Sjögran Henrik Sällman
FC Rosengård

A Champion for girls' football

The football club FC Rosengård is well known both by having a really strong women’s team and for being an important voice for girls’ opportunities to play football on equal terms as boys. System Verification sponsors the football club and we are very happy for every new victory.

Team Sällman

On the road to Ironman

Since 2015 System Verification is a sponsor of triathlete Henrik Sällman, Division Manager Managed Services and Managing Director of our office in Sarajevo. Henrik has been training for a ticket to World Championship Ironman in Hawaii and System Verification is a very proud sponsor of this big challenge.