Social responsibility

Working for a brighter future

Our ideal of creating new opportunities permeates everything we do for our clients, colleagues and society. We want to be active in a larger sphere and contribute to positive social change. This can mean working to create better circumstances for children and for young people who have limited resources, so they can build a bright future, but it also means contributing our expertise to schools and universities. This is why we support charity organizations, both locally and globally, and realize our own charity projects.

We support charity organizations, both locally and globally, and realize our own charity projects.

System Verification co-founder of Funnys Äventyr
Funnys Äventyr

A more intergrated society

We are one of the co-founders of children’s cultural center Funnys Äventyr in Malmö. Funnys Äventyr encourages joy in reading and playing, and aims to increase the integration in Malmö. The goal is to make children from all cultures feel welcome and be able to meet on similar terms in a Nordic fairytale land.

Les Médcines Sans Frontières
Les Médecins sans Frontières

Where the need is greatest

We support Les Médecins sans Frontières being their Corporate Supporter. When the disaster hit the Philippines in 2014, many of our employees expressed a desire for the company to help. Since then, we have continued to support the organization’s important work.

Children at Rucu Na Srce
Ruku na Srce in Bosnia

Building confidence with taekwondo

The humanitarian organization Ruku na Srce gathers thousands of university students to help and to bring joy to disadvantaged children and families through different projects. One of these projects is to let children practice taekwondo, which helps to strengthen their self-esteem. System Verification supports this great initiative.

Drivkraft Malmö

We support young people's education

Drivkraft Malmö is a joint project between private industry and the City of Malmö. The organization offers role-model mentor figures, as well as structured homework help time, to support children and young people in grades 6–8. System Verification has been a sponsor to Drivkraft Malmö since 2013.


Charity project in Bosnia

In 2014, System Verification donated 15 brand new DELL computers and a projector to a school in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The charity project has been planned for a long time and was a much appreciated donation. The children will now have even better educational conditions to face the future.

Children in Nepal

Charity project in Nepal

In 2011 System Verification carried out a charity project in Lalitpur in Nepal. A primary school received 10 new computers and got their computer room partly equipped. As one of the world’s poorest countries, the educational conditions for children are limited. The new computers will contribute to the children’s education.

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