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Unlock your potential with Azure DevOps: Delivery - from idea to code

Delivery planning can be tricky. So how can the combination of an Agile approach, a scaled Agile Framework and the power of Azure DevOps help boost your deliveries? Watch the webinar to find out.


It's a kind of magic - die Kristallkugel für Ihre Code-Qualität

AI is moving fast into development projects and customers’ expectations are rising – but how can we benefit from this and how can we be sure of the results when we cannot see into the future ourselves?


Unlock your potential Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Services is a powerful and versatile Microsoft managing tool, which can be utilised to achieve faster deliveries and increase transparency. This webinar demonstrates how Azure DevOps can benefit projects of all sizes.


Solve your Test Automation with Docker

How can Docker, a container technology platform, be used in test automation? This webinar also gives you insights into DevOps culture and how Docker can cut costs. Last but not least, we visualise the benefits of Docker in a demo.


How can AI benefit Software Testing?

The use of Artificial Intelligence in software testing is still in its infancy. This webinar illustrates how AI can help make software testing processes smarter, faster and better, and relieve testers from the most mundane tasks.

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