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In today’s shift towards Agile and DevOps, it is a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the quality of software. Test team needs to focus on the new features being developed, and do not have the time or manpower to regression test old features. Test automation can be an important part of the solution, but it takes some smart decisions, a skillful implementation and a long-term plan of how to use it. We guide you through your test automation project.

Deep industry understanding

Through years of cooperation with leading global clients, we have gained broad experience within different domains and strong technical expertise in test automation and continuous integration. We also know the value of end-user training. Far too many organizations have seen their test automation framework end up forgotten in a cupboard. Together with us, you get the most benefit out of your automated testing efforts.

Test automation is initially associated with increased effort, but the related benefits will quickly pay off.


We specialize in test automation and can help you define the scope, implement, develop and maintain robust and effective test automation frameworks. You get a tailored solution based on your specific needs. We work in 3 steps:

1 Workshop and scope

We prepare a decision basis for implementation by evaluating which categories of test cases that should be automated, which tools to be used etc.

2 Implementation and training

We implement a robust and effective test automation framework and train your people to use it.

3 Maintenance (optional)

Our test automation experts are ready to take responsibility for regular and consistent regression tests.

Process and packaging industry
“We developed and implemented a test automation framework solution for a company in the process and packaging industry. Today this framework replaces up to 80% of existing test cases.”

Erik Björhäll, CEO System Verification Sweden.

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