System Verification
Testing types and Testing expertise

Full expertise within Quality Assurance

Software testing and quality assurance efforts are a work in progress throughout the development process, requiring a variety of different test skills and test types within QA. We have expert knowledge in requirements management, security testing, test automation, and performance testing, and we work in all areas of technology and with products such as Javascript™, Python, Ruby, Java, C# and Microsoft® .Net. Furthermore, we have knowledge of specialty areas such as embedded systems, web solutions and med-tech products, just to mention a few. We have the capacity to provide these resources wherever they are required.

QA experts for every need

Requirements Expert

Test Manager

Test project Manager

Scrum Master

Test Strategist

Test Designer

Tester / Test Engineer

QA Strategist

Load Tester

Performance Tester

Test Automation Specialist

Test Developer

Test Framework Developer

Tester in development

Tools Specialist

Test levels and test types


Unit test
System test
Regression test
Integration test
Acceptance test
Production test
Maintenance test

Test types:

Functional tests
Usability tests
Platform tests
Security and penetration tests
Authorization tests
Load and Performance tests
Stress tests

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