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Structured test process leads to better quality

Efficient software development integrates software testing from the very beginning of an IT project and then works in a highly structured manner with quality at all stages of the development process, from requirement management and documentation to tools support and work processes. The advantage is that you gain control over the delivery, which will have the desired quality at lower costs and with shorter lead times. We help all types of organizations that develop software as support systems for internal operations or develop software for resale to B2B and B2C end customers.

You gain control over the delivery, which will have the desired quality at lower costs and with shorter lead times.

Strategic, tactical and operative benefits

From a strategic perspective, an IT project becomes viable only with well-defined requirements based on the users’ needs, schedules, reports and expected delivery. The cost perspective is also relevant when the documentation is thorough and items such as templates can be re-used. From a purely tactical point of view, a structured test process allows the organization to deliver more, with better quality and more frequent releases. At an operational level your software projects become easier to work with thanks to a more clearly defined structure.

Clients purchasing software

Companies with no development function of their own, and which purchase software from external suppliers offering CRM systems, Intranet solutions, business systems, HR systems, ERP systems or PLM systems can realize great benefits through consultation with System Verification regarding purchasing processes and adaptations and development of the system.

Clients developing their own software

For companies developing their own software, System Verification can strengthen the existing development organization by providing QA experts for all levels in an IT project, as well as training courses in requirements and testing. A major advantage here is that the client can obtain specific resources needed for different activities at different times.

Consafe Logistics
“We’ve gone from strength to strength thanks to System Verification.”

Stefan Borg
Chief Product Officer, Consafe Logistics

“We went live – on time, on budget and with only a handful of known issues. To us, that’s the definition of world class.”

Dag Widell
CIO, Granngården



Are you interested in getting an analysis of your quality process, but first want to know more about the benefits and our working process? Dr. Magnus C. Ohlsson, Test Strategist at System Verification, gives you the answers.

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