System Verification

A rapid, smooth and secure purchasing process

E-commerce can be a challenge, especially in terms of building effective IT systems that correspond to the company’s vision and sales goals. Users are demanding more performance – they want a fast, smooth and secure purchasing process. We help you quality assure your web shop.

Prepare for rapid change

If you want to make fast, effective changes and additions in your web shop, you need a structured requirements process. This approach will offer a reliable path forward when starting each new project, and will promote cooperation and participation of both the IT function and the organization as a whole. It also requires stable testing operations, so that developers have the freedom they need to create good solutions. We help you with requirements management and testing.

E-commerce needs to implement changes rapidly, in the entire chain from IT to sales, and operate multiple change projects in parallel. Dissatisfied customers cost a lot of money, so it’s absolutely essential to have a reliable IT system.

Are you ready to take on Black Friday?

IT systems that become sluggish or even crash during peak commercial activity are an online merchant’s worst nightmare. Will your system be able to cope with the pressure? Improve your system for top performance.

Reguirements Management

Have you set the requirements?

Performance Testing

Does the IT-system cope with pressure?

Test Automation

Do you want to spare some time?

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