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Within Professional Services we offer single consultants that work on-site at your premises. We always select consultants with the right expertise for a specific task. Our consultants are 100% focused on quality assurance and always strive to be one step ahead so they can suggest improvements and supply added values to your organization.

By focusing 100% on QA, we can attract the best talent in all our areas of expertise.

Enjoy the business benefits

Proactivity – QA experts on-site

Our QA experts work on-site in close cooperation with the client and can form part of an internal team. We work with all phases of the QA process and have experience from many different industries. Our consultants are highly valued by clients for their ability to take responsibility; they dare to challenge the norm and are always ready to share their expertise.

Flexibility – access to exactly the right expertise

Many of our clients have realized that it is incredibly costly to create and maintain the right level of competence using internal resources. When you ask System Verification to come on board, you gain access to exactly the right expertise, at the right time – when you need it.  This solution provides you with both high cost effectiveness in projects and access to expert knowledge.

Capacity – we add the resources you need

When you hire consultants from System Verification, you gain access to a whole network of consultants who specialize in quality assurance. We evaluate your needs and match the assignment with the right expertise from our network. If a particular requirement emerges in a project, we have the capacity to quickly allocate the resources you need.

“We went live – on time, on budget and with only a handful of known issues. To us, that’s the definition of world class.”

Dag Widell
CIO, Granngården

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