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Our leading star: Flexibility

We offer two different business models, Managed Services and Professional Services. We also offer an off-shore solution delivered from our office in Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. You will get highly technically skilled testers who are experienced in working in global projects.

Managed Services is the most efficient model when it comes to making use of our expert competencies.

Professional Services

Experts on-site

We offer single consultants that work on-site at your premises. We always select consultants with the right expertise for a specific task.

Managed Services

Overall responsibility

Your company’s quality process is managed and developed by our experts in the best way to ensure its support of your business goals.


Curious about off-shore?

An off-shore solution is ideal for companies looking to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Our offshore unit in Sarajevo, is staffed with our own employees, who deliver to the Swedish market with excellent results. The picture is taken during our 5th anniversary party.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us. Surely, we can help you whatever industry you are working in.

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