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Open examinations

Certifications in ISTQB

System Verification offers, in cooperation with SSTB (Swedish Software Testing Board), open examinations at our locations in Malmö for anyone that has previously taken an ISTQB course or that wishes to get certified. You can get certified in all ISTQB courses. In order for you to get certified you need to contact us ahead of time, preferably at least two weeks. If you wish to sign up for an advanced level exam we need your registration at least 10 days before the exam takes place. SSTB arranges exam opportunities at System Verification’s locations and SSTB issues the certificates.

In order to take the exam for the Agile Tester, Model-based Tester and Advanced Level you need to be certified in Foundation Level. Proof of Certificate in Foundation Level is required to be displayed to the exam-guard before the exam begins. Your preferred exam language is selected at the time of registration.

Date and location for open examinations

There are no dates available for the moment.

Exam language

ISTQB Foundation and Agile Tester are offered in english and swedish versions and Model-Based Tester in english only. Test Manager is offered in English and Swedish, Test Analyst and technical Analyst in English only.


Examination fee for ISTQB Foundation Level (including ISTQB Agile tester and ISTQB Model-Based Tester) is SEK 3000 excl. VAT. The fee for ISTQB Advanced level is SEK 3500 excl. VAT. System Verification reserves the right to cancel any examination date due to a potential low number of registered participants. Any already registered participants will then be reimbursed their payed fee.


If you want to register for an exam or have any questions regarding registration or any of the exams please send us an email.
Important! These exams are open and not connected to any courses.

For more information, please contact:

Magnus C. Ohlsson
Training & Education