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Strengthen your staff’s QA expertise

Software testing is a profession in continual change, and this makes up-to-date knowledge particularly important. Regardless of whether you need basic courses in requirements and testing or follow-up courses, we can support you with internal training and corporate courses, so you can close the knowledge gap in your organisation or develop your staff so they can take on greater responsibility in IT projects. We are accredited by the Swedish Software Testing Board (SSTB) to hold courses in ISTQB and accredited by The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) to hold courses in IREB.

Customised training and workshops

Our instructors can offer clients customised courses which are based on client- specific material. Our instructors can also create bespoke workshops around specific issues which you and your organisation want to address with training.

Our own instructors in requirements and testing

All our instructors are certified testers at various expert levels; in addition, these instructors combine consultancy work with teaching. We see this as a great benefit, since these instructors are very familiar with the course participants’ daily challenges and can identify with different scenarios. Many participants feel that the interaction with experienced instructors is a significant advantage in the learning process. Several of our instructors are regular contributors to industry and academic publications, and are popular speakers at seminars and public events.

Courses are held on our premises in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sarajevo, Bonn and Frankfurt, or elsewhere, as agreed.

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Magnus C. Ohlsson
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Magnus C. Ohlsson
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We have a complete range of interesting courses such as test design, test automation, agile testing, ISTQB, IREB and e-learning ISTQB Foundation.

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