System Verification

General terms & conditions

1.1. These general terms & conditions apply to all courses given by System Verification Sweden AB, org. nr. 556624-3852 (”System Verification”), and which are outlined on this homepage. The terms & conditions also apply to customised courses for clients, unless otherwise specified between client and System Verification.

2.1 Applying for a course constitutes a legally binding application, which means a liability to pay the course fee as stipulated in article 5 of these terms, see below.
2.2. An application is made directly through System Verification’s website by filling in the relevant form for each course. The application can also be made by calling +46 40 611 28 00 or by sending an email to

3.1 Once the applicant has completed the application, the applicant will receive a confirmation of the application within five (5) working days, by e-mail.
3.2 If the course is fully booked, System Verification will notify the applicant as soon as possible.

4.1 Once the applicant has made a binding application for a course, payment will be invoiced in advance. The invoice is sent to the address the applicant has stated in the application form. Payment is due within 15 days from invoice date; however, the total fee must be received prior to the start of the course. All fees are stated exclusive of VAT.
4.2 The course fee includes all necessary material for the course. However, for certification there is a separate certification fee.
4.3 In case of overdue payment, interest will be charged according to the Swedish Interest Act.
4.4 If payment is not made within the stipulated time, System Verification has the right to refuse the applicant participation in the course. In such case System Verification nevertheless reserves the right to charge the total payment to the applicant, since the application is legally binding.

5.1 A cancellation of an application must be made in writing to System Verification but liability remains to pay the course fee in full, should notice of
cancellation not be registered within seven days from the date the application was submitted, see above.
5.2 Should an applicant wish to transfer a participation slot for a course to someone else, such a transfer will take place at the sole discretion of System Verification and after a written permission has been given by System Verification. Administration fees may in such case apply.

6.1 Courses will take place at the location and during those hours stipulated in the course information.
6.2 System Verification reserves the right to change the time and place of the course. In such case, information regarding the change will be sent to the e-mail address given by the applicant in their application form.
6.3 System Verification reserves the right to cancel a course due to lack of participants or due to illness. In such case, the course fee will be repaid in full to those who have already applied and paid the fee. No other remuneration will in such case apply.

7.1 System Verification will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or complete a course, or uphold any of its obligations in relation to an applicant’s course directly or indirectly caused by events outside System Verification’s reasonable control (Force Majeure Event), such as a government decision, strike, picket line, lockout, war, natural disaster or other event.

8.1 All course material, methods, logos and other intellectual property rights used in classes and courses belong to System Verification and cannot be used by course participants for any other purpose than that specifically stated as part of the course.
8.2 Materials described in article 8.1 and other intellectual property rights are protected and may be used only for personal purposes, and therefore cannot be reproduced, transferred, photocopied, scanned, sold or replicated. This means for example that when the course fee for the participant is covered by the participant’s employer, the course participant still does not have the right to forward or copy or in any other way make the course material available for the participant’s employer or other staff of that employer.
8.3 In case of any breach of the above in this article 8 System Verification reserves the right to claim a penalty of SEK 50 000 on demand. However, this does not exclude the right for System Verification to claim indemnification or any other compensation.

9.1 Once a course has been completed, a certificate of attendance is issued, according to the course description.
9.2 System Verification retains the right to refuse to issue a certificate of attendance to any participant who has been absent from the course, for no reasonable cause, for a substantial part of the course.

10.1 System Verification does not take any responsibility for whether or not a course participant reaches a certain level of competence or gains specified knowledge as a result of attending a course.

11.1 According to the Personal Data Act (Swedish Personuppgiftslagen 1998:204) (PUL) System Verification must have the applicant’s approval to process and store that applicant’s personal data, when they apply to attend any of System Verification’s courses. The personal data given upon registration of a course will be processed through computer by System Verification, who is responsible for that process. The data will be used only so that System Verification can fulfil its obligations towards the applicant as well as to send out information and offers through mail or email.
11.2 When the applicant agrees to these terms and conditions, the applicant agrees to the processing of their personal data, as stated above. The applicant has the right to get access to personal data that System Verification has registered about the applicant, once a year, at no cost.
11.3 If the applicant wishes System Verification to delete their personal data from the company’s register, the applicant is welcome to contact System Verification by e-mail and System Verification will delete the information, as long as this is in accordance with applicable law and legislation.

12.1 Any dispute or controversy regarding this agreement or any other legal proceedings in connection with the agreement or a course that has been given, is to be settled by district court, in which case the District Court of Malmö, as an exclusive forum, will be the court of first instance. Swedish law is to apply to any dispute.