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Questions and Answers about courses

If I sign up for a certificate course, must I qualify for the certificate in connection with attending the course?

No, one can choose to qualify for the certificate at a later date. However, it is possible to qualify when attending the course.

Can I apply to qualify for certification without attending a course?

Yes, you can be certified as a private individual.

Is course material included in the course?

Yes, every course participant gets the course material at the start of the course.

How long does it take to sit for the ISTQB® Foundation Level examination?

Basic time allowed is 60 minutes. If you take the English-language version of the exam and English is not your native tongue, you are allowed an extra 15 minutes.

Is it stressful to sit for ISTQB Foundation Level exam?

Most candidates find the allotted time is adequate for answering all questions and checking answers, without stress. Our teachers usually give practical advice about the examination structure and solution strategies.

In which language/s can I sit the ISTQB Foundation Level exam?

You can sit for the exam in either Swedish or English. If you do not inform us to the contrary, we assume you wish to sit for the exam in English.

What documentation am I allowed to use during the ISTQB Foundation Level exam?

For exams taken through SSTB you are allowed to take with you a standard English/ Swedish dictionary as well as SSTB’s own English/Swedish glossary of test terminology, without definitions. No other aids are allowed.