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How far have you come in using new technologies to increase your competitive strength? Digital transformation is the science of modern business development, harnessing the power of mobility, social media, AI, IoT and Big Data to advance your position in the market. It requires leaders who dare to make decisions and who can make the most of available competence in digitalization. Let us help you realize your digital strategy, and you’ll gain a partner focused on innovation, efficiency and security to design quality into your system.

All companies are being affected by digital transformation and must understand how new technologies can help them achieve business goals.


What prerequisites does your company have to move from traditional to digital business? Get help from our experts to map your flows, analyse data and create new digital services or business models.


You need a strategy to navigate in the rapidly changing and sometimes capricious world of digital transformation. We can help you succeed with your digital strategy by focusing on innovation, efficiency and security.



We can provide all the resources needed in a IT project, from project managers to test managers, and all the competences required for successful software quality assurance.

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Hamdija Jusufagic
Our vision

“We consider the bigger picture”

What is the significance of System Verification’s vision and what is System Verification’s role in digital life? Hamdija Jusufagic, founder and CEO of System Verification, tell us about this new approach and what he sees as System Verification’s role in the future.