System Verification

A software health check is always included in our consultant assignments

When you hire a System Verification consultant for an assignment, a software health check is always included. This is a quick and efficient way to get off to a great project start. We use an AI-based tool that provides our test experts – and you! – with deep and detailed insights into your system and its code status. Our consultants utilise AI to peek into the future. It is an approach based on risk assessment and insights instead of wide, and less efficient, testing. Our experts are able to pinpoint problems and know where to focus their efforts, right from the start, in a unique way.

The tool helps our consultant acquire these insights already on the first day of the assignment. The learnings are shared with the entire development team. On your part, no extra costs, installation requirements or added work are involved – the health check is a part of our delivery.

Expert recommendations

When health checking your software and system, we identify and prioritize technical debt and code quality issues. Our experts locate where the problems are, grade specific issues and give input, feedback and recommendations to the development organisation.

Concepts and terminology used in the health check include:

  • Hotspots – Codebase parts that are central to the application.
  • Code Health – The state of your hotspots and the direction of your code.
  • Technical debt – Code with low Code Health, that requires frequent work by the development teams.
  • Complexity Trends – Predictions on whether a specific hotspot is stable, improving or deteriorating over time.


  • Unique insights into code health
  • The consultant gets familiar with the system quickly
  • Included in our delivery – no extra costs for you

For more information, please contact:

Erik Helsing

COO Sweden+46 70 379 05 50E-mail