Digital Strategy

Step 1: Determine your digital strategy

Which areas can you and should you digitalize to achieve your business goals? How should the project be carried out most efficiently, and how should follow-up be designed? No matter what industry you’re in, and irrespective of your company’s size, it’s essential to have a plan for digitalization. Get the help you need from our QA consultants and develop a digital strategy for all or part of your operations. Then, make sure it’s quality-assured from start to finish – from people and processes to technology and IT.


Our QA consultants have the right strategic know-how to help you establish a digital strategy. They possess extensive knowledge about new technologies such as AI and cloud and their advantages, more efficient working methods, and they have the ability to design new business models. They provide reliable, effective guidance throughout the change project.

Make sure your digital strategy is quality-assured from start to finish – from people and processes to technology and IT.

We can provide:

How to win the War for Talents Henrik Sällman
Driving digital transformation

How to win the War for Talents

In 2016 Ework launched its vision to transform from a Consultant Supplier to a Talent Business. The company entered the “war for talent” and effective digital processes were pointed out as critical. System Verification has the overall responsibility to build the new digital platform, and has formed an outstanding team with several partners to make it happen.

Software Intelligence
Strategic partnership

What do we mean by Strategic Partnership?

The term strategic partner is being used liberally, but the definition may vary. What do we mean by being a strategic partner and what can you as a customer expect from us? What is required for the partnership to work? We asked Erik Björhäll, CEO System Verification Sweden, to answer these questions.

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