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Quality throughout the entire value chain

Now that IT plays such an integral role in every commercial endeavour, both the business and the technology must work in harmony if digital innovation is to succeed. Business models, operations and technology are all closely intertwined. Since 2002 System Verification has focused on assuring quality in the technological solutions that our clients choose to implement. Within Business Analysis, we broaden the scale to ensure that the quality meets requirements throughout the entire value chain, from drawing board to finished product.

We ensure that all the changes to be made are aligned with the organization’s goals, strategies, visions and values.



What are the different needs in the organization and what do we want to accomplish? We analyze operational prerequisites, processes needing improvement or support and requirements that must be fulfilled.


Are requirements sufficiently specified to ensure that deliveries meet expectations? A structured requirement process is a critical success factor.


Are processes correctly structured in relation to business goals? Are processes quality assured so that data can be relied on for decision-making? Let our QA experts help you to gain control.


How will changes be implemented in the business? Without adequate change management, there is a high risk of failure for the implementation of a new IT system or business strategy. We help you through the transition.

we listen and we dare to challenge

What are your needs – now and in the future?

Our experts monitor the market and stay up to date on the latest technological trends – so they can provide well-grounded, fact-based recommendations. We offer analysis and help you design strategies adapted to your needs.

Benchmark against strategies and business goals

How do your operations and IT functions work together? Do they have the systems they need, and are these systems being used effectively? Are these systems fit for purpose and able to maintain sufficient levels of security? We assure quality throughout the entire value chain – from concept to analysis and requirements, all the way to launch.

All stakeholders are involved

We include stakeholders from all parts of your organization – board, management, users and others – in the process to ensure that we create the best possible solution. Our consultants are highly skilled in understanding the varied needs and driving forces of an organization.

We are independent

As specialists in quality assurance, our task is to be honest. We carry out analyses and present facts that can improve and revolutionize your business. Our consultants are expert listeners and accustomed to working with all kinds of project groups.

General Data Protection Regulation

Ready for GDPR?

We help you identify and map your risks and together we develop a plan to ensure that your company can fulfil legal requirements. We communicate with and set requirements on suppliers of systems and cloud-based services, legal representatives and your organization.

Digital transformation
“Our role is to help clients make the most of opportunities for innovation, increased efficiency and reliable security so that they can bring their digital strategies to life.”
Hamdija Jusufagic Founder and Group CEO System Verification.

Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO and founder of System Verification

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