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Webinar: Unlock your potential with Azure DevOps

Want to get a better understanding of Azure DevOps, and learn how this managing tool can help unlock your organisation’s potential? Join our free webinar on 6 October!

Looking for ways to make your projects more efficient? Join our Azure DevOps webinar! We will demonstrate how Azure DevOps, a powerful and versatile Microsoft managing tool, can help meet your project targets and goals.

Azure DevOps Services can be utilised to achieve faster deliveries by implementing a CI/CD flow. Together with a good project process approach, Azure DevOps also plays an important role in providing full cross-team transparency. In this webinar, we will present how Azure DevOps Services can be used in large-scale projects involving several teams. We will also show how to utilise it in smaller projects, and make a tool demo with a short overview of its different features and capabilities.

Webinar topics include:

  • Common issues faced by people working in projects
  • How Azure DevOps Team can be implemented in projects – and how it can help meet project visions and goals
  • How deliveries can be improved by implementing a CI/CD flow
  • Pros and cons with Azure DevOps compared to other tools

The webinar is designed by Ajla Sokol and Ahmed Babić, Azure DevOps engineers here at System Verification, and hosted by Ajla Sokol on Tuesday 6 October at 3 pm. Duration is about 90 minutes – a one-hour presentation will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. It is free to join!

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