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System Verification opens new office in Warszawa

We now expand our operations into yet another market. A new office was recently opened in the city centre of the Polish capital Warszawa.

“We already have some excellent partnerships in Poland, and many multinational companies are based in the country. We’re confident that there is a strong demand for the digital cutting-edge services we offer. I see huge opportunities here,” says Group CEO Hamdija Jusufagic and continues:

“We started working on the Polish market two years ago. It’s a perfect fit for System Verification, and that’s why we feel it is a good idea to open office here, even if these are challenging times. We’re sticking to our plan, we believe in a continued and strong digitalisation, and what we can offer is needed to secure a high quality. Thanks to the new location, we will be able to take on bigger projects and bigger clients, both globally and in Poland. We have now established ourselves in Sweden, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Germany, and Poland. Our growth journey continues.”

A solid organisation is in place. Lukasz Mazek is appointed Senior Advisor for Operations Poland and Group CGO Jonas Gyllenspetz from our Holding company and I will support and supervise the expansion. Jonas will also be involved in recruitment processes and the implementation of our company culture in Poland. Our Group CFO Agneta Larson and company Lawyer Veronika Wasserman are also members of the team. So the stage is set for a strong expansion. And with its many internationally renowned universities and competent developers, there is no lack of talent in Poland.

“There are many skilled quality assurance engineers in the country. An example of the competence level here is that Poles usually finish at the top of Hackathons and other coding competitions. So this is indeed an excellent place to recruit talent. And in Lukasz, we’ve found the perfect person to manage our introduction. He is a great representative of our famed company culture,” says Jonas Gyllenspetz. “When I got the opportunity to take part in building System Verification’s company structure here in Poland, the decision was easy. Unlimited possibilities and outstanding chances to grow are in my opinion indicators of success,” concludes Lukasz Mazek.

For more information, please contact:

Hamdija Jusufagic
+46 73-661 28 01

Jonas Gyllenspetz
+46 73-661 28 05

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