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New agreement

System Verification is QA partner in new contract with Skånetrafiken

System Verification, a company specialized within quality assurance of software, is QA partner in a new contract between Stratiteq and Skånetrafiken, worth at least 20 million SEK over four years. Skånetrafiken hereby ensures a continued development of world class public transport through smart digital services.

System Verification has been part of Skånetrafiken’s project to develop future ticket systems since day one, and has built their entire platform for quality assurance, including automated testing. In the new four-year agreement between Skånetrafiken and Stratiteq, which has a total value of approximately 100 million SEK, System Verification serves as a subcontractor with a continued responsibility for quality assurance.

Frank Hennekens, CEO of Stratiteq, comments on the partnership with System Verification:

“Our companies have cooperated closely for more than ten years and as specialist companies, we become a strong team in a complete delivery. We have great trust in each other’s competence and ability to create results. System Verification is the obvious choice for us.”

Fredrik Grimsberg, Regional Manager of System Verification Malmö, comments on the new agreement:

“This is a very intriguing project to be a part of, as we are given the opportunity to do what we are really good at – improving people’s digital daily life. We very much look forward to the upcoming years in cooperation with Skånetrafiken and Stratiteq,” he says.

In the past four years, System Verification has had an average of around four QA-specialist in a team of sixteen in total at Skånetrafiken. The new agreement is for four years, with the opportunity to extend two times in two years each. In eight years, the agreement is estimated to be worth approximately 40 million SEK for System Verification.

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