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System Verification and Ework sign framework agreement

Since several years System Verification has a strategic cooperation with Ework to develop their new digital platform. The parties are now signing a three-year framework agreement, including quality assurance, operations and development. The goal is a development process that takes advantage of cloud services and AI to quickly improve the platform based on customer feedback.

The new digital reality requires a high degree of flexibility and users of digital services and products expect fast feedback and continuous improvements. At the same speed, the so-called gig economy grows, which means that effective digital meeting points for companies and consultants must be created. It is against this background that the consultant supplier Ework is now signing a framework agreement with System Verification.

“Our digital platform must be adapted to the new gig economy landscape and be built so that the process from customer feedback to implementation of improvements and release runs fast. Customer feedback management and an efficient quality pipeline are critical. System Verification has the right knowledge, partners and attitude to support this work,” says Jesper Vraa Hendriksen, CDO at Ework Group and continues:

“Also, we greatly value that an external partner like System Verification challenges and quality assures our internal development organization. Together, we become better and stronger,” he says.

To achieve the project goals data-driven development is in focus. The new development process uses AI to monitor the software and an automated pipeline management. This increases the delivery rate, strengthens security and gives the users a better experience.

What makes this project stand out is the delivery model, that benefits from System Verification’s ecosystem of partners with cutting-edge QA expertise, and is mostly delivered remotely from System Verification’s office in Bosnia. This gives Ework a flexible and cost-effective solution. One of the engaged ecosystem companies is Reeinvent, who is specializing in modernization of digital processes by using cloud services. Cloud Enablers is another partner, who is specializing in scalable architecture.

“This is an exciting project where we are given the opportunity to show how modern development processes and quality assurance methods work, and the value that our ecosystem provides,” says Henrik Sällman, CEO at System Verification Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Approximately forty employees from System Verification, Reeinvent and Ework, as well as other partners, are working with the new digital platform in Sweden, Poland and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The new framework agreement was signed in late February and will run for three years.

For more information, please contact:

System Verification Press Contact
Sabina Engdahl
Phone: +46 (0)73 518 52 39

Ework Press Contact
Erik Eliasson
Phone: +46 (0) 70 233 34 60

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