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On June 24, we present an excellent opportunity to learn more about the benefits of using Docker in test automation. Join our webinar!

Are your test executions too long? Your test configuration too complex? Join our ‘Test Automation with Docker’ webinar! We will demonstrate how test automation problems can be solved with Docker, an efficient container technology platform.

The webinar covers the basics of DevOps culture and how Docker fits into it. You will also learn about Docker and how you can integrate it in your existing project. The benefits of using Docker are visualized in a demo (or several demos, actually) and you will get a ready-to-go skeleton project, which you are free to use in your next assignment. Furthermore, we will clarify how to simplify test configuration and get test results faster with the same hardware infrastructure.

The webinar open to all. If you are a test engineer looking for a better solution for your complex framework, or a business owner looking to cut costs, join us and gain insights into DevOps and how Docker can benefit your organisation.

Webinar topics in short:

  • An insight into DevOps culture
  • How Docker can be used in Test Automation
  • How Docker can help cut costs and make life easier for Test Automation engineers
  • How Docker can simplify test configuration and provide faster test results

The event will be hosted by Emir Hodzic, Test Automation Engineer here at System Verification, on Wednesday June 24 at 3 PM. Duration is about 90 minutes – a one-hour presentation will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session, where we’ll answer questions or simply discuss interesting ideas. It is free to join

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Test Automation Docker Webinar Emir Hodzic

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