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Conference Las Vegas

Learning from leading minds at Amazon re:MARS 2019

Why and how to apply the AI advances in our business and work? Amazon re:Mars brings together recognized experts across science, academia, and business to share the latest research and scientific advancements within AI. System Verification and Reeinvent are there to gain new knowledge and inspiration.

“There are no shortcuts if you want to stay relevant in the future. AI is affecting every industry. We participate at re:MARS to learn and get ideas how we can develop our businesses and be an even stronger strategic partner to our customers, and also to broaden our global network within machine learning, automation and robotics,” says Hamdija Jusufagic, Group CEO.

System Verification and Reeinvent are already using machine learning algorithms with the aim to give the customers actionable insights on their software development projects. The service is called Software Intelligence and it is a valuable complement to development and quality assurance teams.

“We are convinced that artificial intelligence will become an integral part of the development process in the near future, and more and more customers discover the benefits. The journey has only begun, and the event re:MARS is an opportunity that one shouldn’t miss if you are serious about your AI efforts,” says Hamdija Jusufagic.

Amazon re:MARS takes place on June 4-7 in Las Vegas. It is designed for business leaders and technical builders who will listen to leadings minds e.g. Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon, Andrew Ng, Founder & CEO of Landing AI and Colin Angle Chairman, CEO, and Founder of iRobot and take part in hands-on workshops.

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