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Joanna Doweyko appointed new HR Manager

After several years as Consultant Manager, Joanna Doweyko is now entering the role as HR Manager at System Verification in Sweden. She succeeds Jonas Gyllenspetz, who was appointed Group COO last year.

Joanna Doweyko will be responsible for all HR functions within System Verification Sweden and will benefit greatly from her previous Consultant Manager experience and seven years in the company.

“Joanna is passionate about employee development and is working proactively to make us an even better employer. She has also been involved in our strategic HR work and has developed our processes and driven several projects. Her commitment, knowledge and warm heart makes her a natural choice for this role,” says Erik Björhäll, CEO System Verification Sweden.

“My motivation is to continue to develop a work environment where our employees feel committed to their own development as well as to the company, and that they get good career opportunities. I look forward to this new challenge,” says Joanna Doweyko.

Joanna Doweyko entered the role as HR Manager on April 1, 2019.

Joanna Doweyko HR Manager System Verification

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