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Henrik Sällman speaker at Digitaliseringsdagen 2019

On May 28, the event Digitaliseringsdagen takes place at Quality Hotel Globe in Stockholm. The day will be filled with exciting topics on how to design an attractive user experience and how we must adapt to having robots as co-workers. Henrik Sällman will reveal the power of AI to get actionable data.

“AI is on everyone’s lips, but many are still unsure of how to use AI in their daily work. I will showcase a unique AI driven tool that visualizes data that are actionable. This means that people in leading positions, for example CEOs, COOs or board members don’t have to be technically skilled to be able to prioritize investments,” says Henrik Sällman, CEO System Verification Bosnia.

The presentation “Powerful insights – how to make AI your best friend” will also show a customer case from a global company who has discovered how to benefit from AI to speed up the software development process.

The event Digitaliseringsdagen is arranged by NFI and will be held at Quality Hotel Globe on May 28 in Stockholm. To sign up for the event, please visit NFI’s homepage.

Henrik Sällman CEO System Verification Bosnia-Herzegovina

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