Hamdija Jusufagic the winner of the 2017 Pioneer Prize in Skåne

On 4 October, System Verification’s majority owner and CEO Hamdija Jusufagic was named this year’s regional winner in Skåne of the 2017 Pioneer Prize. “I am thrilled that our work to develop the quality assurance industry is being recognized by this honour”, says Hamdija Jusufagic.

The Pioneer Prize is an annual award established in 2009 by IFS, the International Entrepreneur Association in Sweden, in cooperation with ALMI and SEB. The Pioneer category is awarded to a person with a foreign background who has lived in Sweden for a longer period of time and who has succeeded through hard work in building up a growth company that is innovative within its industry. This year’s awards ceremony for Skåne was held at the High Court conference centre in Malmö. The jury’s motivation:

“This year’s pioneer started System Verification in Malmö in 2002 and today the company has grown to an international, innovative and competitive company that shows impressive results and steadily growth, and help clients through the entire digitization process. The owner himself wants to see his company flourish, but he also wants to give his employees, clients and the society every opportunity to do so. His motto through life has always been to combat inequalities, focus on opportunities, take responsibility and contribute to the society. Commitment, professionalism, clear goals and a big heart for social issues; there are many ways to describe this appreciated entrepreneur and person.”

Hamdija Jusufagic said the following about the award:

“This is indeed a great honour and I’m delighted to see our work recognized in this way. The potential we saw in software quality assurance 15 years ago has truly been realized, and through the expertise we’ve developed we’ve been able to grow our operations and today we can help our clients from innovation to finished product. The prize inspires us to continue developing System Verification and the QA business.”

System Verification has a total of 170 employees, with three offices in Sweden and one in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 and has the highest number of employees in the Nordics holding international certification. System Verification is represented by 25 different nationalities and women make up 25 per cent of its workforce.

On 26 October, the national winner of the Pioneer Prize will be announced at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. HM King Carl XVI Gustaf will present the award.

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Picture: Hamdija Jusufagic together with Årets Nybyggare i Skåne 2017 Mohamad Godeh, Nablus Mejeri.

Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO of System Verification.

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