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Seminar in Lund

Free seminar: Powerful insights – how to make AI your best friend

AI is moving fast, straight into our businesses. Are you keeping up the pace? And above all, have you fully realized the unlimited opportunities you have to discover and understand the relationships in your development projects? Welcome to a seminar about the role of AI in future development projects. 

Modern software development is not about doing more of the same, but to use new technologies like AI and cloud. In this seminar, Henrik Sällman, CEO System Verification Bosnia, will describe how AI can support companies to maximize the output of their development projects and how they can be more innovative without losing speed. The seminar is suitable for everybody in an executive role and managers e.g. technical managers, product managers and software architects. You will discover the powerful service Software Intelligence and get inspired by real customer cases. We offer a tasty breakfast and freshly brewed coffee. Welcome!

When? Wednesday 12 June 2019. Breakfast from 7.30 am. Seminar 8.00 – 9.00.
Where? Ideon Gateway (Elite hotels) Scheelevägen 27, Lund
Register: Send an email to Bobby Kociski latest 29 May.

Henrik Sällman CEO System Verification Bosnia-Herzegovina

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