System Verification
Seminar at SAST Öresund

Free seminar: How to introduce quality into IT immature organizations

How to introduce quality into IT immature organizations? This is the topic that Karolina Mileros, Requirement Specialist at System Verification, will talk about at SAST Öresund in May. Book you seat at SAST Öresund’s homepage.

Karolina Mileros is one of System Verification’s specialists within requirements. She has been working with Quality Assurance for more than ten years and in many different sectors. Her knowledge of software testing, requirement management and project management is extensive. A SAST Öresund, she will share her experiences and good advices on how to introduce quality into IT immature organizations.

“The speech will cover both general theories and hard-earned lessons about the difficulty of shifting an organization to focus more on delivered quality rather than deadlines and costs. It highlights the soft skills of the tester and the human psychology and resistance to change,” says Karolina Mileros.

The seminar will take place on May 14. For more information and sign-up, please visit SAST Öresund’s homepage.

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