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Celina Strietzel appointed as new HR Manager in Germany

Celina Strietzel has been appointed as HR Manager in Germany. This year, she wrote her master thesis in cooperation with System Verification and worked part-time at the company. Her professionalism and attitude made great impression and lead to a full-time job.

Celina Strietzel has a Master of Science within Human Resource Management, and she wrote her HR master thesis at System Verification in Germany at the time when the offices were established in Bonn and Frankfurt. She worked part-time with sourcing and recruitment of IT engineers and supported the management in implementing HR working processes at the subsidiaries in Germany. For System Verification, her natural leadership qualities and commitment made her a good candidate for the job as HR Manager in Germany.

“We believe in diversity to create great teams and Celina contributes in a very good way. She has already proved to be a hard-working person with many new and fresh ideas that inspire all of us. We look forward to supporting Celina in her future career,” says Hamdija Jusufagic, Group CEO at System Verification.

Celina Strietzel will have the overall responsibility for HR activities and processes, such as recruitment, onboarding and retention, at the subsidiaries in Bonn and Frankfurt, and for the development of the System Verification employer brand in Germany. Celina Strietzel considers the role a unique opportunity.

“This is a great opportunity to keep on growing and developing – for me as a young woman and together with System Verification. Yesterday I was a student, and today I can call myself HR Manager. It makes me feel excited, proud and amazed at the same time to have been offered this new role with its responsibilities and to know that the company is supporting and trusting in me,” says Celina Strietzel.

System Verification was established in Bonn and Frankfurt in 2019 and has already grown to 12 employees who work at customers in the region. Soon, new QA consultants and team members will join – System Verification’s journey in 2020 will continue in a steady way.

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